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Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H)

"There are so many good reasons for us to live in Malaysia. The spice of life is..."
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The Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) was initiated by the Malaysia Government to welcome all foreigners to reside or retire in Malaysia with a 10 years Social Visit Pass (SVP) & Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) which will be continously renewable unless you violate the law.

This MM2H is not a Malaysia Permanent Resident (PR). However, it is as good as PR.

This Second Home Program provide many incentives to attract more foreigners to migrate to Malaysia as their second home or retired home.

The  program was re-launched by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia in April 2006. The ministry has appointed
Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd as one of the official Sponsor to help foreigners to obtain the program hassle-free and in a professional manner. It is not compulsory to own any property in Malaysia to qualify for this MM2H program. However, you're encourage to own Malaysia Properties as  they are of good quality and very effortable.

MM2H participants are not allowed to be employed under this program. Unless you are age 50 years and above and you shall be allowed to work part, maximum 20 hours per week (Application & Approval needed). Those who wish to be employed in Malaysia, you must apply Malaysia employment visa/ working permit.

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Q: Why Choose Malaysia as your second home?

Malaysia is known for its hospitality with warm and friendly people who speaks English generally, a political stable country with beautiful scenery. The cost of of living here is much more affordable compared to the neighbouring countries for the same quality of lifestyle. Furthermore, the Government is encouraging foreigners to visit and invest in Malaysia. More...

Q: Why Select Authorized Sponsor/Agent For The Malaysia My Second Home Program? 

There are a number of bogus agents in the market trying to attract foreigners to employ their services for this program. However, the foreigners end up paying more than what is promised, have to wait a longer period for approval. These agents always trying to offer various services that will impact the Malaysian value and professionalism.

Therefore, please make sure you choose a company which is endorsed by the Malaysia Government as your Malaysia Second Home Sponsor/Agent.

Q: Malaysia My Second Home Program Benefits

There are more than 10 reasons why foreigners should consider applying for the MM2H program now. More Benefits...
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" Having attained the Malaysia My Second Home status has really benefited me in many ways. It is always a pleasure to return to my SECOND HOME in Malaysia, where I can relax, meet up with some friendly people, have some sumptuous dinners and enjoy beautiful Malaysia. "

Manfred, German


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