Permanent Resident
Permanent Resident in Malaysia

Permanent Residency status in Malaysia is granted to any Foreign Citizen under the Immigration Act and Regulations 1959/63.

Any foreign Citizen which had been granted with Permanent Resident status will be issued and Entry Permit and Identification Card (MyPR).

Foreign Citizen with Permanent Resident status will be exempted from all Visa requirements to Enter and Remain in Malaysia.

Rights as Permanent Resident in Malaysia
1) Rights to stay and remain in Malaysia without any limit of time
2) Rights to work and doing business in Malaysia
3) Rights to acquisition of Property in any part of Malaysia
4) Rights to be exempted from all visa and immigration requirements to enter and exit Malaysia

Obligation as Permanent Resident in Malaysia
1) At all time observe the Laws of Malaysia
2) Not allowed to involve in any Political Party and Associations
3) The Permanent Resident status is subject to revocation at time if deem necessary by the Government

Eligibilities for Permanent Resident
1) Individual investor with minimum USD2 million Fixed Deposit (FD) in Malaysia (High Net Worth Individual)
2) Person with Expertise, Talent and Skills recognized as “World Class” by any International Organisation
3) Professional in any fields with outstanding skills
4) Spouse who married to Malaysian for minimum period of five (5) years

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