Employment Pass Working Permit
Employment Pass/ Working Permit

Application for Employment Pass/ Working Permit is based on the following:-

1. Minimum Paid-up Capital
The minimum paid-up capital for companies: Private Limited Company/Public Listed Company effective 1st January 2009 as follows:

No Equity Capital
1. 100% Locally Owned RM 250,000.00
2. Local and Foreign Owned RM 350,000.00
3. 100% Foreign Owned RM 500,000.00

This condition is not applicable to Incorporated Company, Limited Company and Association which is registered under Special Acts.

2. Recommendations from Monitoring Agencies

No Ministry/Agency Related Fields
 1. Ministry of Higher Education/Ministry of Education Lecturer, tutor and teacher
 2. Ministry of Health Medical Doctor, Nurse and Traditional Medical Practitioner
 3. Football Association of Malaysia Footballer
 4. National Sports Council Athlete and Coach
 5. Civil Aviation Department, Malaysia Pilot and Civil Aviator
 6. Ministry of Tourism Tourism agencies
 7. Malaysian Professional Golf Associates Golf Related Activities
 8. Biotechnology Corporation of Malaysia Bio-technology related activities

3. Registration with the Monitoring Agencies
i. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
for company that runs activities related to construction and maintenance.

ii. Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MDTCC)
for company with foreign equity involving in wholesaling, marketing and retailing  (including restaurants) and direct selling.
Expatriate Committee's Consideration Criterias

Application that meet and fulfill the following criteria would be considered:

i. Company's Equity
ii. Company's Activities
iii. Local Human Resource
iv. Relevance of post to company's activities
v. Monthly income
vi. Age and working experience

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