Mr Gordon Reid and his lovely wife Marinella in their new home at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Mr & Mrs Gordon Reid's Interview on MM2H programme.

Ms Jaslyn Sim, Managing Director of Richmond Consultants are please to have an interview with the former Director of Trade & Investment British High Commission, Malaysia, Mr Gordon Reid (GR) and his lovely wife Marinella (MR) on Malaysia My second Home Programme and their life in Malaysia.

1. RC : How many years have you lived in Malaysia?
  GR : We have been here for more than six years now: four years with me working as a diplomat at the British High Commission, and two years under the MM2H programme.
2. RC : What is the main reason you decided to live in Malaysia under the MM2H program?
  GR : There are several.  The main one for me is the weather - I love the perpetual summer!  Second, it is a great base for travelling around the region - including pursuing my   favourite hobby, scuba diving.  The fact that KL has a great low-cost airline helps.  Third, the cost of living is cheap (despite the fall of the Pound Sterling against the Ringgit).
  MR : I agree with Gordon's reasons (apart from the scuba diving!).  In addition, I like the respect shown here towards older people.  Above all, Malaysia is warm and friendly.  I also enjoy a good lifestyle - shopping, massages and pedicures, a maid, eating out at restaurants and so on - at a fraction of the cost I would have to pay in the UK.  The variety of food is another attraction.
3. RC : Why did you choose to settle down in the Capital City of Kuala Lumpur?
  GR : Because we know it well and have friends here.  But also because it has all the amenities we need and want (shopping, entertainment, sports, and so on).  We did briefly consider settling on an idyllic island somewhere, but came to the conclusion that we would rapidly become bored!
4. RC : What do you like most about living in Malaysia?
  GR : Like my wife, the fact that I can enjoy a very good standard of living and lifestyle at very reasonable prices.
5. RC : Do you socialise much with Malaysians?
  GR : Yes, we do.  In fact, about half of our friends are Malaysian.  We have known most of them for three or four years or longer.
6. RC : Finally, what advice would you give to any new MM2H applicant?
  GR : First of all, that you are making the right choice in choosing to settle in Malaysia!  Second, before you decide exactly where to live, work out what amenities and facilities are important to you.  Then find a place to live that is near them. 

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