We work closely with the authorities to assist candidates successfully obtaining this Program hassle free and professional manner.

You can be assured of our commitment in providing any potential candidate our best professional service. As we have successfully assisted many applicants from various countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, America, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, etc.

Testimonies by many of our satisfied candidates is proof of our excellent services. For a complete testimonial list, kindly click download.
Mr. Ian Martin & our colleague
Mr. Gordon Reids & wife
Mr. Joe Martin
To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to inform that Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is currently registered and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism to offer services to potential applicants and participants in Malaysia My Second Home Programme. This programme is initiated and supported by Government of Malaysia. The company under the leadership of Ms Jaslyn Sim Miow choon is actively involved in promoting the programme abroad especially in Europe. She is passionate about the Malaysia My Second Home Programme and fully committed to her clients. Richmond Colsultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd has also received good reviews from her successful participants. I believe with dedication and hard works shown by Ms Jaslyn Sim, many of the participants will benefited from this programme and services rendered by her company.

Lai Shevren
Malaysia My Second Home Centre
For Secretary General Ministry of Tourism Malaysia
"Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd were enormously helpful in advising and steering me through these various complications, including changes to the rules which came while my applications was in process. They worked out a special arrangement with the Malaysian authorities which enabled me to obtain the MM2H visa, and my duty free car, smoothly and within the desired time frame. Without the help of Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd, that would be simply not have been possible."

Mr Gordon B Reid (United Kingdom)
Former Director of Trade & Investment, British High Commission, Malaysia
"A Swiss friend recommended Richmond to me because 4 of his friends had gone through this program already before and all of them were very satisfied by Richmond`s efficient, professional and 100% successful service. Now after having received the mm2h approval myself I am honestly very impressed about Richmond`s performance and detailed knowledge of the system. They really make sure that inspite of all common difficulties at the end there is success.
If everything runs smoothly every mm2h agent is good; but Richmond has proven that they are also good if problems occur. They know how to handle the most difficult and sometimes unexpected requirements. I can really recommend Richmond for any applicant who wants a smooth sailing.

Kurt Nass (Germany)
"For a foreigner it is sometimes a bit difficult and time consuming to handle government contact in Malaysia, so I decided to seek support from a specialist. My choice fell on Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd, who was fast, effective and friendly in providing consultation and successfully obtains the approval earlier than the time promised.

I can certainly recommend Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. to anyone who has the intention to apply for the MM2H visa.

Roft Martin (Sweden)
"I, Joe Martin, British subject, am happy to announce the success of my application for my second home in Malaysia and with sincere thanks to my agent Richmond Consultants whom I have appointed to act on my behalf in administering and dealing with relevant authorities in this matter.
I am very pleased and satisfied with their services rendered to me during the course of my application. Through my experience, I found that Richmond Consulting (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is a very professional, efficient, reliable and committed consultant who managed to sort out this task promptly and efficiently. They also guided me and share valuable information on my real estate needs and settling living in Malaysia. I have no hesitation to recommend Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn Bhd to anyone who wishes to pursue the MM2H program."

Joe Martin (United Kingdom)
"My name is Walter Hediger. I am a Swiss citizen who successfully applied for the MM2H programme. Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. have been recommended to me by several expats who have spent many year in Malaysia. I wish to state that during the entire process of the MM2H application I was professionally guided by Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. and constantly provided with accurate, well founded and precise information. I want to extent my sincere gratitude to Ms Jaslyn and Mr Eric of said company for a job very well done. I have no hesitation to recommend Richmond Consultants (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. as highly professional sponsors to anybody who wishes to pursue the MM2H programme."

Walter Hediger (Zug/Switzerland)
"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the professional and efficient manner in which you managed my successful application for the MM2H 10 year visa programme.
From the initial meeting to the final application I was kept fully informed of the progress of my application. At no stage in the process was I uncertain as to what was happening. Your instructions on what I had to do and what information I had to provide were simple, clear and concise and you made the whole process very easy for me. The key thing for me is that I was always confident that you knew what you were doing. You promised me a hassle free application process and you delivered on this promise. I would especially like to thank Eric for all his hard work in coordinating my application and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends or colleagues. Once again many thanks for your efforts."

David Krajnyk (BP Egypt SPU Controller)
"Having lived and worked in Malaysia for almost 25 years I decided, upon retirement from working life, to continue to stay in Malaysia, taking advantage of the offer by the Malaysian Government to continue to reside in this country under the “Malaysian My Second Home Program.
In spite of being familiar with the local environment in terms of immigration rules and regulations, I decided to pass the application
procedure for the above mentioned program to Richmond Management, a consulting company well positioned, with full knowledge of all application requirements and taking the responsibility as sponsor for each applicant. I found Richmond Management very efficient and a very responsible consultant rendering exact and precise information in the often complicated area of immigration rules. I have no hesitations and fully recommend Richmond Management to anyone who may decide to make beautiful Malaysia their “Second Home”."

Manfred K. Lewandrowski (German National)
"People give endorsements for everything these days, most are from famous actors & stars, but me I am a normal “Joe Soap“ looking for “Quality of Life”. I was put in touch with Richmond Management through friends which are a very personal, friendly yet professional, efficient and extremely committed sponsors for Malaysia My Second Home Programme. I know, I know people need reasons to move, especially if it so far & here are just a few of them. 1) Fantastic food, every sort you can imagine and then some, all first class 2) People are genuinely friendly, mannerly and all with smiles and open hearts. 3) Lifestyle – can be real slow, fast or what way you like. 4) Unbelievable scenery, from fabulous mountains to some of the beaches in the world, to fantastic lakes and forests. 5) You would like to feel safe and secure and so happy then come and stay forever in Malaysia. I would recommend Richmond Management to anybody as consultants but more importantly as friends."

John C. Rodgers (Ireland)
"You made the whole process feel like a breeze, and you deliver results within an agreed time line. Your prompt follow up and flexibility in pricing of the services rendered demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of Richmond Consultants. Your appointment as selected agents for is truly well deserved."

Teresa Tso (Hong Kong)
"I Wendy Tang from Singapore, the successful holder of Malaysia My Second Home Program under the sponsor of Richmond Management, am very pleased with Richmond Management as my sponsor for this Program. Richmond Management has professionally assisted me in obtaining this program and I am very impressed with their vast knowledge, efficiency and commitment as my sponsor and consultant. I have no doubts in introducing Richmond Management to potential candidates who are interested in this wonderful program, as I believe you can be assured that they will provide you their professional service as I am very pleased with."

Wendy Tang (Singapore)
"My name is li xiaoming. I come from china. I was one of the applicants for the second home
programme. I have successfully obtain the pass and social visa for it. I must say thanks to Ms. Jaslyn and Mr. Eric, who are both from Richmond management. They did give me lots of help, including preparing all kinds of applications, presenting documents to immigration, opening saving account, looking for apartments where I can live in ,etc. to sum up, I would fail in it without their help and supports. I am really pleased with their work!"

李晓明 (China)
"Mr Eric Sim from Richmond Consultants Sdn Bhd gave us vital information and key requirements for "Malaysia My Second Home Programme" and always has kept us informed with up to date rules and regulations from time to time. During our stay in Malaysia, he gave so much of his personal time during medical-checkup, Insurance and stamping passports. We are very impressed with his sincerity, straightforwardness and professionalism during the whole process and therefore, we like to record our appreciation for his services and yor company"

Neaz Ahmed & Shaheda Ahmad (New Zealand)
"I Farhat Rabanni from Bangladesh, have successfully obtained Malaysia My Second Home Program. My family and I are satisfied with Richmond Management as our sponsor for this Program. Richmond Management is very professional, efficient and reliable in performing their duty as committed our sponsor and consultant. I have no hesitation to recommend Richmond Management to those who are interested in pursuing this program, as with them you can be assured that they are able to understand and care for the different needs, concerns and priorities of people from diverse background and cultures."

Farhat Rabani (Bangladesh)

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